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Zsolt T. Kosztyán

Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Quantitative Methods, University of Pannonia. His research interest is the development of methodologies to manage complex management problems relating to mathematical models and algorithms of project management, production and maintenance. This research area is on the frontier between Management Science and Applied Informatics. He won the award of Best Researcher of the Year 2013; He is the winner of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Veszprém. Last year he won Zoltán Magyary and János Bolyai post-doctoral research fellowships. He is a Board member of the Forum of Business Information Systems (, a professional working group of John von Neumann Computer Society.

Developing risk-based project planning methods for large-scale project portfolios

The scope of this research is to develop novel quantitative methods for managing risks of large-scale multi-level projects and portfolios. The new flexible, hierarchical, multidimensional matrix-based methods and evaluation algorithms will deal with complex multi-level projects, portfolios and programs. The proposed new method will support the strategic decisions, like ranking the huge number of possible project scenarios regarding the management claims, and select the best (most important, most probable, with less time/cost/resource demand) feasible project plan. In this study a novel framework of the risk analysis system will be developed to simulate not only the changes of the task parameters (like: time, cost and resource demands), but the changes of task importance and project structure. The novelty of the proposed framework is the macro-level (project portfolio level) focus instead of using traditional micro-level (project level) methods, thus it can also be used for tendering agencies to specify an adequate large-scale project portfolio. This interdisciplinary research integrates computer sciences and management sciences.

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